Phishing Advice

Information about phishing mails and the like. Please be careful!

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Phishing refers to attempts to obtain sensitive data from users through fraudulent communication. 
This is unfortunately a common practice, which is often used by fraudsters. This can be done, for example, by phishing e-mails that contain a request to disclose data by e-mail or to follow a link and enter data there. 

givve® domain:

Please note that contact with us is exclusively via the domain (internet address) This applies to all web pages, web applications and APIs (application interfaces). We do not offer our services under any other domains. 


givve® portals:

You will always find the correct addresses, e.g. of our givve® Card Portal or the givve® Card Business Portal, linked on our website If possible, only use the login buttons on our website or the givve® apps to log in to givve® services. Our portals always belong to the same domain, for example, the address for the givve® Card Portal is and belongs to

If you receive a request, for example, to enter your givve® credentials on a website with a domain other than it may be phishing. Please do not follow these prompts. 

Phishing Mails:

You can often recognize so-called phishing mails by their incorrect spelling and grammar. When we at givve® send you mails, they always come from addresses ending with !

You can find more information about phishing on the following sites, among others:


Specific cases:

Attention - Phishing Mails circulating

There have been phishing emails circulating recently asking givve® Card holders to unlock their account on the givve® portal due to "discrepancies". This email is not coming from us. Fraudsters have recreated the page of our givve® portal in detail in an attempt to obtain login data. 

In a very short time we managed to deactivate the corresponding page. 

If you still receive an email from "", do not click on the link it contains and do not enter your data. You can also recognize the phishing mails by their incorrect spelling and grammar. 

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What should I do if I receive a phishing mail?

Do not click on the link and do not disclose any sensitive data. Feel free to forward the phishing mail to and we will take care of taking the fraudulent site offline as soon as possible. You can then delete the e-mail.

What should I do if I have clicked on the link of a phishing mail and entered my data?

Please contact our customer service immediately by e-mail - we will then block your card without delay.  

How can I securely log in to the givve® Card Portal?

Use the login button on our website or the givve® Card App to log in to the givve® Portal. 

What is the correct link for the givve® Card Portal?

The correct link for the givve® Portal is exclusively: