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We are givve®

Innovative, digital and with passion for what we do. Learn more about us, our values and what defines us.

Innovation meets expertise

givve® was founded in 2010 and has since grown into a successful fintech company. Since July 2018, we are part of the French Groupe Up, which is present in 30 countries and thus an international expert in the field of loyalty and benefits programs.

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Our solutions

We stand for two products with a lot of innovative power. The givve® Card as a flexible solution for issuing non-cash benefits to employees or as an attractive premium for bonus and loyalty programs. givve® Lunch is the meal allowance for the digital era and has been refreshing employees' lunch breaks since January 2020. 

Managing directors and founders

givve Gründer Patrick Löffler und Alexander Klaiber

Patrick Löffler: (left)

He's the one who pulls all the strings - as CEO, he represents givve® to the outside world and manages the company's strategic orientation. To keep a cool head, he goes surfing at the Eisbach. Or does yoga - As a founder, you need that, for sure.

Alexander Klaiber: (right)

Is in charge of the company's technical infrastructure and, as Managing Director and CTO, is responsible for the overall technical management. This includes product development as well as all product-specific applications. Tech-savvy and always on the cutting edge of digital solutions.

Our team

Behind givve® is a great team of motivated employees and a 5-person management team consisting of the two managing directors Patrick Löffler (CEO) and Alexander Klaiber (CTO), together with Adrian von Nostitz (CMO), Marina Muftic (CFO) and Roman Lehnert (COO). Every givve® employee gives their best every day to provide the best possible service to our customers, partners and users.

Vision & Values

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Digital pioneer

givve® is a digital pioneer in the employee benefits and digital rewards market. We are always thinking one step ahead and always keep our technology up to date.

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Attentiveness & respect

In our daily interaction, we place great value on attentiveness and respectful interaction. A personal connection is particularly important to us.

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More can be achieved together. At givve®, we rely on cooperation with strategic partners to pursue the same goals and strengthen each other through collaboration.


As a company, we are committed to climate protection and ensure that we work in an environmentally conscious and sustainable manner. For example, we run a paperless office and use the train as often as possible for business trips. givve® also purchases green electricity and offsets its CO2 emissions. For our commitment, we have received the climate protection seal of the Klimapatenschaft GmbH. 

We also pay attention to sustainability in the production of givve® Cards.

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